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Introducing the HT50 Header Transport

Header transport specifically designed for the 35, 40, 45, and 50 foot HDF, HDF, and HDX John Deere Header Series

More Then a Regular Transport

The HT50 is a revolutionary header transport designed specifically for the 35', 40', 45', and 50' John Deere HDF, HDR, and HDX header series.  Design and ease of use was the main focus in developing a tra​nsport that could meet the dem​ands of todays operations.  Equipment is getting larger, with that combine headers will follow and the need for a safe and reliable transport is growing.  We are here to meet that demand.

A Frame with Design

The HT50 transport series features a modular boxed frame design.  The bolt together joints provide for more strength and will result in zero cracking over time.  This deign also makes it easy to add frame length as header sizes grow

4 Wheel Steer

Equipped with 4 wheel steer to make transporting one of the largest headers on the market an easy task.  The steering system consists of heavy duty tie rod linkages between all four wheels to make the steering system function in sequence

Hydraulic Surge Break Actuator

The surge break actuator is a critical part in the breaking system.  As the towing vehicle slows force is applied to the actuator and breaking applied on the trailer.  

4 Wheel Surge Break System

HT50 trailers are equipped with a hydraulic surge break system active on all 4 wheels.  This provides safe breaking power during transport  The surge break system does not require electrical power to function, so the trailer has a full breaking system whether its pulled with a pickup truck or combine.  

Slide and Lock Hitch

Hooking up to the HT50 transport is made easy by our slide and lock hitch.  Simply lift up on the lock plate, slide the hitch out to the receiver on the towing vehicle, secure, backup and the hitch locks in place.  Put the safety pin in and the trailer is ready for transport.  

This makes hooking up safe and easy.  

LED Road lighting 

Each HT50 comes standard with a LED road lighting and hazard light package that keeps you visible during road travel

Large Tube Mounts

We​ wanted the HT50 to be gentle on your header so we designed the tube carrier to have no sharp edges directly against the header tube.  The carrier is also wide to distribute the header weight evenly across the carrier.

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